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I've placed the scripts external to the page, you don't need to change anything in the scripts, you can download and save them here:

If when you click on a link above, it shows you the script in text form, simply copy it to a text editor and save as the script name text-counter1.js for example and upload it to the same directory as the web page.

In the form, there are a few areas for you to adjust, the first is the length of chars you wish to allow this is the maxlength="" setting. The next ones are for the script, span id="sBann-1" change to span id="sBann-2" for the next script etc. Finally, onkeyup="toCount('eBann-1','sBann-1','{CHAR} characters left',100);" again change the -1 to -2 etc as needed, also confirm the last chars number you are allowing for example - '{CHAR} characters left',100)



Text line one: 100 characters left.

Text line two: 20 characters left.