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Here we have a form that can be used to book a taxi for a short distance trip or, anything where you need to charge for a long distance trip. This could be shipping for a specific product for example.

I've designed this script and form specifically for a Taxi journey.

With the script, I've built in a 10.00 pickup charge, then a charge of 3.00 per mile. The 3.00 is used as well by the script to pass the total charge to Mal's, it uses a value in the form called 'rate', so, if the pickup charge remains at 10.00, but the rate per mile changes, that is where you change it.

The pickup and destination addresses are populated by the script. Rather than have everything on one line at the cart, I've given these their own product, so each address is on its own line.

This script works for miles or Km (please state which you need on ordering).
This script works for any country.
This script works for any (same country) zip or postcode.
This script works between countries, E.G. France to Italy.

The cost for this script is $125 / €100 / £80 please make your payment from the home page.

Your pickup place: 

Your destination: 

Please enter your name: 

Date and time of pickup: 

Your tel/mobile number:  

Enter your email address:  

Total Price, 10.00 pickup charge plus 3.00 per mile: