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This script allows you to offer a running total using checkboxes/product not a quantity, only the checked products are added to the total and sent to the cart.

In the script, if the total products is for example 10, then increase the line for:
(i=1; i<10; i++) {
to 11
(i=1; i<11; i++) {
always increase the number by one to the total number of your products.

6 X 4 Overlap Shed £800.00 
Delivered and erected £200.00 

Treated Timber £100.00 
10 yr G'tee Roof Felt £100.00 
20 yr G'tee Roof Felt £150.00 

Colour one £20.00 
Colour two £20.00 
Colour three £20.00 
Colour four £20.00 

Your 6 x 4 Shed Total is: