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With this form, I've spent a couple of days building it, so I need a donation of at least $30 / £20. Once I have your donation, I'll email you the script. You can add the script to your page or link to it.

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I've put comments in the script and html so that you can see where needs changing for specific products or options.

With all products and options within this form, you need to add either... onchange="sumFields();" oninput="sumFields();" or ... onclick="sumFields();" onkeypress="sumFields();" for all variables.

The onchange command is for either a dropdown list or a text box, the onclick is for a checkbox.

Send all of your form products to the cart and have them in one total price, but with each product field on its own line.

Name on bag:

Hair style & colour:

Eye colour:

Outfit description:

Item held in right hand, Glass or Phone:

Design on top left corner:

Additional extra's.

Bespoke bag drawing e.g. Child, Dog, Cat, perfume bottle, champage bottle £7.50 

Drawing of a specific car with personalised number plate £ 10 


Add Swarovski Crystals £10 

Add gliiter clothing £4 

Add glitter corner £4 

Reverse circle or hearts £5