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With this form, we charge for each quantity of 12 or part of, a packing charge of 7.00.

There are only two values you need to change to suit your need. The first is the number that can go in your packing (12) and the price charged (7.00).

The number is adjusted in the script below:
var q2 = (q1/12);
if (q1<=12) {
change the number 12 to suit your need.

The price is adjusted in the first price99 value. That's it, upload the script with your form. If you have more or less than five products, remove or add them to suit in the script:
+ Number(document.forms['form1'].qty5.value)

If you have more than one form in your page, copy the script and change in the script, calcExtra1 and form1 to calcExtra2 and your form number to form2, also change in the new form, "name=form1" to your new form number name="form2".

Product one quantity: 
Product two quantity: 
Product three quantity: 
Product four quantity: 
Product five quantity: