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Here is a full list of all of the syntax (codes) used in Mal's.
Here are the Mal's faqs.

With all of these forms simply click the view source button, then right click and copy / paste (don't forget the script if there is one from the body or head area) into your html editor, change the ww12 to your server number and don't forget to change the user ID to your own number and of course the return link.

If you find one of my Mal's forms not working correctly, please contact me.

With this form, you can use the view cart link or button on your page to send the viewer back to the page they were on using Mal's continue shopping button, without having to fill in each page url in the return value field.

Choose a currency from a dropdown list for the buyer.

A new page with step by step instructions on setting up downloads.

Choose a currency from a dropdown list for the buyer.

If you want to use different currencies on your site, then you need one form per currency, you cannot use an addmulti form.

Use the product name in the cart as a link back to your website page where that product information is held.

A text counter for use with a text area box or text line, useful so the viewer knows how many more words they can use.

Remove the 256 char limit for the header.

Need a minimum and or a maximum applied over checkboxes.

Information gathering with extra information for the viewer

Return the viewer to the same page without having to fill in a return="www.backtomysite/" value on each page.

A weight converter

Ever wanted to send a web page URL via email from your site?

A donation.

And a donation going straight to payments.

A registration form with 2 priced options.

One free and straight to payments

Straight to payments, collect customers data with the order...

A validation form where the user has to pick from options.

A gift certificate, free from Tax.

A gift certificate, with various amounts and free from Tax.

A form for the customer to enter their own date for collection and return.

This script tells the user they haven't reached the minimum order quantity for the product, or they have ordered to many...

Dropdown's for booking flights, including dates / times / number of adults and children booking seats, this can be modified to suit all manner of purposes.

Book an appointment and take payment.

Need to have your customer choose a color?.

Due to people abusing my generous nature over the years, I am now forcing charges. To take a look at your form needs a donation of at least $10.00 / £8.00, to design a new form I need a donation of at least $25.00 / £20.00 before I will start building it. I have had people send me $5/£3/€4 for three hours work!!! That is why I am now charging. You can donate using most major credit cards, you do not need a PayPal account.

If you would like me to help you with your form, or design a form for you, please contact me after you've made a donation using the form below. PayPal charges 30 cents + 2.9% of the total payment. PayPal costs will be deducted from your payment when received by me, so ensure your payment is to the correct value.

 This will be the amount you will be donating:  PayPal

If you would like to make a donation for my time with building the forms you find of use on this site, you can use the link to my charity... NSPCC