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With this form, I've added a couple of little tricks you might find useful, the first is to provide the viewer with extra information when a selection is made.

Click in the box for 'Type Color' see how we are shown extra information relating to that selection, this can be applied to ANY item, try the checkboxes. All you need to do is right click on this page and copy the script to your 'head' area, then add id="color" value="Black" onFocus="javascript:toggleMsg('msg-1')" onBlur="javascript:toggleMsg('msg-1')" changing the value= to suit your form. Then add id="msg-1" class="color" style="visibility:hidden;">Or replace Black with yours, i.e. "Maroon" and wrap in a span as < span removing the gap before the word span, at the end close with < / span > remove all gaps in this statement.

To use this on another area of your form, simply change msg-1 to msg-2 plus your words.

The second trick is to empty form boxes when they're clicked on, try the First Name etc boxes, this is achieved by adding onfocus="if(this.value==this.defaultValue) this.value='';" to your text box.

10 Jumbo Fortune Cookies

Type Color:


Would you like us to separate out your fortunes? No thank you Yes please

When would you like your cookies?


Contact Info:  

If you ordered the traditional cookies just simply click the "Submit" button below.
If you ordered chocolate dipped cookies we need to know what kind of chocolate you would like your cookies dipped in!
Please indicate in the boxes below what percentage of your order you would like dipped in both Milk or White Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate i.e. 25% or White Chocolate i.e. 75%
Please make sure you total equals 100%, Thanks!

That's it! Hopefully it wasn't too difficult. Please review your order and make sure that all the fortunes read how you want them to, your contact info is correct, and most importantly your shipping address is complete and correct. Thank you again for your order and you are going to LOVE your custom cookies! Tell your friends how much fun you've had! If all looks good just click the submit button below and you will be on your way!