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Product with units 5.99

Show the cart contents anywhere on the page. Click the button on the right >>>>>

I've built a shortened version of this page and script, you can see it in action here.

This script can be added to any page on the same domain, for example: or

The first thing to do is to log in to your Mal's cart and go to the Continue Shopping Button, here you'll see a check box, Append cart content vars; ensure this is checked.

I have positioned three spans, the first is fixed to page, top right, it is static on the page as you scroll down.

This script is an ideal method if you need to place the script on multiple pages.

The second on the left, is a cut down version of the full version below it. Most people prefer to use this version on their pages.

The third below with the orange background color, is a float left, a width of 200 pixels.

You can position the cart contents wherever you want to on a page.

With the 'show the cart' above, I'm only showing the quantity and total that is in the cart.

The cart contents are shown by using a script, click the view source link top left and scroll down to the script below this text, this is the only script on the page you need to copy and place on your page.

The next is to personalize the currency symbol, as I'm in the UK, I've used the £ symbol, although as you can see in the 'show cart contents' display below, vouchers are in $'s and tax is in €'s.

The next is to comment out any fields you don't need showing, this is commented in the script.

And finally, you need to change the Mal's server ww number and userid to yours.

The forms below are fairly standard ones. The first one adds tax.

Product One 5.99

Product, £8.99 per kilo   Quantity:  

OK, I see that you're struggling, click below to watch the video.

OK, I see that you're struggling, watch the video.