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With this page, we are calculating based on three dimensions to give a value in cubic inches. This example is for a foam product.

I've made the script check before ordering, that ALL fields are filled in, hit the 'Order my foam' button now!

We have an issue in that the largest height that can be cut is 48 inches and the largest width is 29 inches, enter 49 in the height text box or 30 in the width box and see what happens.

We have two prices for the cubic inches, less than 200 cubic inches is 0.035 per cubic inch, and above 200 is 0.038 per cubic inch. Also, we have two shipping rates, less than 200 cubic inches and the units value is 0.3 and above 200 is 0.9.

Enter the thickness you require: in inches

Enter the height you require: in inches

Enter the width you require: in inches

Price each:

Quantity required: