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This form charges per word, perfect for advertising. There is an in built script in the head of this page, I've set it at up to the first 10 words are 20.00, any additional words are 1.00 each.

The script counts the spaces after the words, so we have to reduce the minimum in the script by one.

The variables that you need to change to suit are:

else if (wordcounter > 9) { extra = 1.00 * (wordcounter - 9); countfield.value = 20.00 + extra }
else {countfield.value = 20.00;}

else if (wordcounter > 9)
This is the number of words (minus one) that the minimum charge applies to, in this case 10.

extra = 1.00 *
This is the charge for any additional word over 10.

(wordcounter - 9);
Again, the minimum amount of words minus one.

countfield.value = 20.00 + extra
This confirms the minimum charge plus any additional words.

else {countfield.value = 20.00;}
If the words do not amount to 10, this is the minimum charge applied.

None of the form details such as 'onkeydown' etc need to be changed.

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