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With this form, we collect all information and pass it to Mal's in one block. But with this script, we have three sizes plus a font choice plus text lines, all are sent to Mal's on new lines so easy for the buyer and you to identify.

This form is ideal if you are printing anything.

In the form, there is one area for you to adjust, the length of chars you wish to allow, this is the maxlength="25" setting, change this value of 25 to suit your purpose.

There is a script and style in the head area, these control the hidden divs and dropdown lists etc. The main script is missing from this page, you'll need to send me a donation of at least £40 to get it as it took me a long time to build it.

You do not need to touch the scripts, each script will view any product form throughout your website; that is, any different product. Obviously we have only three sizes, if more sizes are needed, I'll build you another script for that size.

You can use this page for ANY product with three size options. The only part to replace would be the product name, price and the return link to the page.

Here is a snapshot of the contents at Mal's.
View of the chosen choices and text lines content at Mal's.